Saturday, June 11, 2011


Good Mornin'

No, this isn't a story about parcel delivery, but it is a question of location; ya know, like GPS. That, for my less technical friends, is that new fangled, satelite/radio system of figurin' out "where the heck am I?".

I got thinkin' on this yesterday, after talkin about "Old Tom". Don't know if ya ever saw the movie, "The Horse Whisperer", or read the book, but that was inspired by my mentor, Tom Dorrance, though they called him "Tom Booker", in the book/movie. And, I'm kinda reluctant ta call him my mentor, or mention his name, a) 'cause I never "met" him and b) 'cause I would be very shy ta suggest that my work, truly bore any resemblance to his.

I did get ta spend some time with some a his best friends though; by and large he had retired by the time I got started, workin' with the young horses. I call him my mentor, nonetheless, 'cause I always had the sense, despite my great respect for the horsemen and women I met, who had known him, that Tom's understandin' was still out there, some ahead a the pack; I heard it and felt it in every little story, video clip, and/or piece a writin' I came across.

So, here comes my question of "UPS": my "grand hypothesis" of universal postionin'! When "a" loves "b" and "c" loves "b", "a" and "c" begin ta gravitate, and, given some time, will find themselves orbitin' a very similar part a the universe, or the psyche or somethin', describin' the way we think and feel and understand, as a "place". And, things, folks, that live, work and play, in the same "neighborhood", tend ta get ta know one another; often very well. And, it's just possible, I believe, that this deep affection is so powerful, that even, the apparent walls of time and space, can't stand in the way.

And, ya might consider, that I've definitely fallen "off my rocker" this time, but, I'd invite ya ta look at some a the quotes of Albert Einstein; yup, that's right, a cowboy that's read some a Albert. (The simple stuff, not the math part.). There's one I remember, in particular, where he talks about this very possibility; as if time and space were a sort of prison, "optical delusion" I think he called it, and only by love, we free ourselves. I ain't kiddin', a modern day scientist, echoin' the very same song, we find in our best old books a wisdom, from the very "other side a the coin".

And, ya know how, yesterday, I was talkin' about "Lonesome Dove" and that cowboy, had made a promise to his, then deceased, partner, and all the trouble he went to, keep that promise? Well, I'm gonna take it a step further and suggest that there are promises that we never even speak, ta people we have never even "met", and, they might be the most bindin' of all. And, I think it has somethin' ta do with this "UPS"; what we love, where it takes us, what we end up seein' and feelin' and understandin'.

I mean, you tell me, how ya walk away from what you've come ta know, walkin' the path of what ya love, maybe inspired by someone ya'll never "meet", and if ya can't, wouldn't that be like a promise ya never spoke?

Have a great day.


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