Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Good Mornin'

Well, Fathers Day they say, but the earth just goes on turnin'; the sun come up and the wind's still blowin' , here on the divide. And, while I got nothin' against "special days", sometimes they just make me lonely for "any day".

Often occurs ta me, how life is like this amazin' conversation, that can really engage a fella/felli; full of questions and possibilities, hints of answers, meant for livin' and knowin', just like this wind a blowin', the sun a shinin' and the horses wantin' feed, company and places ta go. All questions, lookin' for my best answer, like a choir waitin' for the "solo" come back with that harmony.

It reminds me, old Tom, my horse mentor, sometimes he'd talk about people and the way they listen. He'd remark how, often, when he was talkin' about somethin' really important, he'd notice folks, kinda gettin' impatient, lookin' at their watches, wonderin' when he was gonna get around to sumpin' "important".

Yesterday, I was trimmin' a horse for a neighbor. Don't know why, or how, but it was one a those days, when I was just feelin' old and foolish, doubtful about my plans, aspirations and situation. Wasn't anything I particular, wanted to talk about, ya know how cowboys feel about "discouragin' words", but there it was. Well, me and the neighbor were talkin' about this and that, horses and people, as I worked my way around "old ace", one very sweet and very cagey old ranch horse, when this neighbor friend, started talkin' about her grand daughter and how she doubted ever ownin' a horse. She turned and looked at me, as if ta make an important point and said, "I told her, just 'cause ya don't know how yer gonna get where ya wanta go, doesn't mean ya can't or won't!". I musta looked kinda dumb, starin' back, one hand on "ace", my nippers in the other, kinda stunned, as the words sunk in, settin' off all those rings and ripples, like so many pebbles tossed in a pond.

I knew she had no idea why this mighta stopped me so, so, I non chalantly collected myself, give "old ace" a good rub on the withers and returned to the task at hand. What a good old horse. What a fine afternoon. Sunbaked breezy and all; middle a nowhere New Mexico.

Have a great day!



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