Saturday, June 18, 2011

Social Studies

Good Mornin'

It's amazin' how cool the mornins can be in the mountains, or foothills, in this case, and how quick it'll heat up. We are startin' ta get some cloud formation though, and hopefully sooner or later that'll turn into some thunder bumpers, which we could sorely use.

Got out and trimmed a few more feet on the wild bunch yesterday evenin'; they'd come in to the low gate, just north a the barn. It never ceases to surprise me that, despite their fairly luxurious life, friends, grass, trees, and room ta roam, every few days, they come ta see where I am and what's goin' on. Even when I got out the halter, steady a couple, needed work on their back feet, no eye brows were raised and noses looked happily for the nose loop, heads held low and quiet while I fastened the top loop. Everybody gettin a good scratch with the curry, 'fore they settled back ta grazin' and I headed home ta feed the cowboy.

Here's a poem from the book I put tagether last few years; Like a Pond to the Sky.

A Little Prayer for All of Us.

Oh, could our lives play simple,
Like the needle plays simple ta North.

Just a wee draw on the Heart;
Soft hand on the rein a the Horse.

Have a great day!



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