Friday, June 3, 2011

Fried, eh?

Good Mornin'

Well, after all my astonishment at the wind, or lack of it yesterday, it proceeded to blow like a banshee, the rest of the day. And, again today it seems it might not, but I wonder if, after two months now, it might not be gettin' tired, and wakin' up a little late; that would seem perfectly reasonable.

I must say, I still am askin' myself what I'm doin' writin' every mornin', with so many horses needin' attention, fences in need of fixin', bills in need of payin', and some kinda future in need a plannin'. But, I haven't come up with an answer, either way and somehow or other, I'm inclined ta keep on 'till it's clear; quit! I guess it reminds me of a native american radio show, they have here on public radio, sundays, called "singin' wire". They have old drum songs, contemporary rock bands, call-in "shout outs", announcements of pow-wows, you name it. And, it always strikes me "that's good livin'"; people connectin' and celebratin' the moments of their lives. Sometimes, with the more corporate media, we can get so obsessed with "the big picture", we can forget that we exist; sun in the sky, earth under foot and air to breath.

I did haul a tub a water out to the "wild bunch", last night; my rescues, out on pasture. With all the wind and no heavy rains, the dirt tanks are pretty low and pretty murky. Gave everybody a rub and, a couple, a pedicure. Always amazes me how much they enjoy the attention; almost as if, that moment together, gives 'em a new lease; reminds 'em they aren't alone. Then, they go back to munchin', content.

As I've said, on occasion, if human means "god in man", wouldn't that be the love? And, weren't it natural, we'd all feel good, when that's about?

Have a great day!


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