Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End a the Day

Good Mornin'

Well, topsy turvy kinda mornin'; wild bunch come in through the bottom gate. Seems the girls just had ta have another look at the mustang boys; spring and all. Then, a course, I let the water tank dry up and everybody wants a drink, then a course a flake a hay would be nice and, "oh, a little rub, right back there where the flies been bitin'; that would be, ever so kind!". What can ya do, but smile oblige and figure ya'll catch up later.

But, I sure could shake a leg; I gotta patch up that fence and rig a pasture for the boys, get them some grass and stretch out their rations. I still got some wormin' needs doin', some more feet need trimmin', they all need workin' and I gotta try ta get this website up and runnin'; see if I can't find some help for summer.

And, midst of all, enjoy. A wise man once said, "it's meant ta be great!". And, I gotta consider, he mighta had a point. Ya look at the old stories, however they came about, the old folks, seems ta me, were tryin' ta say somethin' about creator and intent, when they talked about the first man and the garden; I mean creator coulda just made hell and not even bothered with earth, if that was the end game anyway.

And, I gotta say, with the horses, it ain't the "chores" that count, in the long run, it's just that there's so much to enjoy, lovin' and learnin' together and only so much daylight. And, if that's all I got ta complain about, well, I may as well just skip right over ta "thank you!".

Have a great day!


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