Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Another Bit

Good Mornin'

Well, the thunderstorms are still tryin', but ain't quite put it all together; hot and sunny in the mornin', cloudin' up afternoon.

Another, "put the cowboy back together" day, yesterday, followin' my follow-up with the neighbor's horse Monday. I think it's the heat and me forgettin' ta eat, when I get so involved with the horse; kinda works, short term, kinda burns, long. But, I did get a good cold bath and some fresh clothes, and fixed the leaky fuel line on the ranch truck.

It still amazes me how and why the horses touch and move me so much. I think about 'em, wonder how they're doin' and if I did right by 'em, days after a workout; carry their faces and eyes, their actions and reactions around with me, siftin' and searchin' for anything I missed or didn't consider fairly. Hopin', knowin', I'll take somethin' of "us" on to the next and we'll all get better, closer in our understandin' and happy co-operation.

It's a peculiar world, right on the table, but largely unknown. My pleasure, one little corner a the universe, I can quietly love, try to understand and support. In the process, maybe, understand my place, just another bit.

Have a great day!



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