Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What We Practice

Good Mornin'

Well, no thunderstorms, least here local, but it did seem like it was tryin'; outta practice I think. And, that's understandable; every spring, seems, it takes me some doin', re-adjust ta summer.

Otherwise, another day with the stud horse, over at the neighbors. He needed a pedicure and we were supposed ta re-visit the trailer and "backin' out", calm, as opposed ta the more explosive turn and leap. It's funny, workin' with other folks horses; which I don't do too much anymore and precisely, for the pressures and agendi, they cook up, which often don't suit the horse. There's so much ta watch and pay attention. to, really build a strong relationship with a horse. But, most times, folks just see the external "doin'" and think, that's the whole picture; "if, he'll do this and do that and accept the other, well, then, everything is wonderful!". Never consultin' the horse.

It just makes me consider, how far we've got from honest communication; from really lookin', from really listenin', to anything. And, maybe most important, ourselves. "I really wanta be like this" or, "look like that", never askin' if it really suits "us". Sometimes, everythin' ends up stuffed in boxes, like so many round pegs, jammed in square holes; everybody wonderin', how come it's so hard ta breath.

Anyway, it all went pretty well; just wish I hadn't rushed back, like the owner urged. He's such a sweet horse, but the owner, never really got the "thinkin'" part and, seems ta me, he coulda used some more time, absorb the loadin' we did Saturday, 'fore I asked him ta "think through" the backin' part, Monday. It all went pretty well, but I could see in his eyes, he was pretty far outside his comfort zone and he couldn't really appreciate and enjoy the process, like we had Saturday. Makes me wonder if an essential part of real learnin' isn't the appreciation, which can depend on timin' and practice. Just like the "thunderstorm", didn't quite happen; outta practice.

Have a great day!


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