Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Rest a Creation

Good Mornin'

Well, it's been hot dry and windy for about a month, here, Northern New Mexico, but, if I'm not mistaken, there's a hint of moisture in the air and that should spell "thunderstorm". And, we sure could use 'em; the grass is shuttin' down and all our dirt tanks, that'd be like a pond, for those unaccustomed, are dry.

It's a right of passage, out here; folks from "else where", always gotta get lost, at least once, when a local tells 'em, " just go thataway, about two miles and turn left, when ya come up to the tank on the right.". The new comers, then wander off into the sunset, lookin' for some kinda "metal" tank, passin' the humble pond, intended to mark the turn.

Been thinkin' a little more on this question of my inclination ta spend time with and trust in the critters, earth, weather, plants and trees. And thinkin' how it's not only a question of "duration", things tried and true, but also a question of "drift". Ya know how yesterday, I told that story of the farmer, wantin' ta borrow his neighbors tractor and thinkin' a little too much, as he walked? Well, it occurs to me, that this is a part a my reservation when it comes ta people; we get so tangled up in our thoughts, that may, or not, have anything ta do with fact, that "drift" becomes a really good question. And, top it off, we often "enlist" our neighbors and cook up a "community stew", turnin' "drift" into "drive", without ever considerin' the fundamental wisdom, started the "whole ball rollin'".

So, it seems, this has turned into a fundamental "prayer/way a life", that I can "keep it simple, keep it true" and be careful a the stories I listen to and tell; most of all, the ones I tell myself. Like anything, ya might wanta build, stronger the foundation, longer it's like ta last and happier, more peaceful yer occupation.

I seen and heard, so many stories a folks gettin' a horse, like it'd fulfill their life and they'd be "free" and "ride like the wind" with their "new and best friend", with whom they could "share their soul", only ta have a big "wreck", hurt themselves pretty bad and end up sellin' their "best friend". Seems they didn't think ta check "their thinkin'" with the rest a creation, 'fore they headed out. It's a good practice.

Have a great day!


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