Sunday, June 12, 2011

Show Me the Life!

Good Mornin'

Cool mornin'; warm and windy later they say. Them firefighters on the Arizona/New Mexico boarder, like ta have their hands full.

Read an article yesterday, about writers. Jist of it was how a writer can't do much else but write, if he/she wants to succeed. While I admire the fella's determination and the likelihood of his judgement, I'm afraid I'm apt ta take another trail. However much I enjoy writin', I just can't see spendin' all my time talkin', when there's so much ta learn, livin'. And, I never wanta forget how much I got ta learn and remember. And, maybe most of all, my proportion and my place in the amazin' scheme a things.

A very wise man I once met, cautioned me, "there is nothing more devastatin', for a human bein' than ta forget!".

And, so I love my life with the critters; ya just can't get too high on yer horse, takin' care a critters. The heat, the cold, the liftin' and haulin', tryin' ta get along with the different characters, the wind and rain, keepin' everybody in feed and water, the fences and neighbors, human and other, I'd just never wanta forget, my size, my place and my need for the "heart side" help, makes it all work.

So many folks I've worked for over the years; ranches, Montana to New Mexico, Maine ta California. The toughest, always the owner, sat behind a computer all day; they'd come up with the wackiest ideas, notions and timetables, you could ever imagine. And, when on occasion, they'd come out ta help; god help me. Whatever they tried ta do, ya'd have to wade through it, wait 'till they were gone, then take it all apart, start over and do it right.

So, god bless the fella, wants ta sit there and write. And if it works for him, I got nothin' ta say but "good for you"; honest. But, I'll do a little in the mornin', maybe a little in the evenin', then show me the fence needs fixin', the horse needs trimmin', the fresh air needs breathin', or throw away the pencil and paper; I just can't see where I'd have anything honest ta say.

Have a great day!



P.S. In the name a good nature, I oughta mention somethin' fine I did get outta that article and that was somethin' he mentioned at the end; some a his words a wisdom and there was some, but this one really hit home. He said, " always reach out with both hands; one ta get ahead and one ta help someone else get ahead."

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