Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Circles

Good Mornin'

Well, the heats on, though it's really been merciful mild; june can really cook and we likely need the heat ta generate the thunderstorms and turn the grass back on. It's gettin' pretty crispy.

Still findin' my feet from the hay run; older ya get, harder it is ta sit, seems, leastwise in a truck. And, I suppose, it ain't really the sittin' that's hard, it's just that all the systems work better, when yer movin' around with the chores and the critters. But, that's always been my nature; inclined to stay outdoors, active and engaged, one way or another. It not only keeps the "physical plant" happy, but "my computer", also runs in happier circles. If I had ta put it in words, I guess I've always felt that everything has a song, and, while I've done some listening ta "steel and plastic", rubber and road, I've always preferred the song a wind and wood, dirt, grass and critters. And, might as well include the humans; get a bunch goin' on a happy song and that'll warm yer heart.

And now, speakin' of "happy circles", it's likely time ta jump in; chickens need out, ponies need checkin', water needs haulin' and fences fixin'.

Have a great day!


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