Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life All Over the Place

Good Mornin'

Well, more spring cleanin' and another day ahead. First round I got two sides opened up, but the night time mouse traffic on the north side was gettin' so furious, I had to tear that apart. Today, hopefully clear out the debris; summer and heat calls for light, air and open space, visibility. It looks nice, feels nice and critters got no where ta hide. It' one a those things, where, if, there's no hope a keepin' everyone out, at least ya can seen who's who and easily adjust the guest list to avoid confrontations.

I remember, a few summers back, this huge spider comin' out from under the bed; it must a been three or four inches front ta back and side ta side. Pretty much tarantula proportions, but a little more colorfuI and not quite so round. Well, it sure got my attention. "A" I'm not a big fan and "B", absolutely not "that" big a fan. Turned out he/she was just passin' through, musta had a ways ta go and wasn't in the mood for a detour. So, I watched, feet raised, as he/she proceeded on east, across the floor, past the stove, down the step, out the tent, on through the foyer/mud/wood room, out the door and on into the night. I did move the bed a few more inches from the west wall, just for good luck, case there was anymore traffic, 'fore I went ta bed.

But, that's life out here and to a fairly large extent ya just gotta trust that everything has it's place and it's way and for the most part, it's reasonable and workable; long as nobody gets too excited.

So, time ta feed the cowboy, get on with the cleanin', see if there ain't some daylight left, visit the rescues out yonder; still got some feet ta trim and some wormer needs takin'. Not ta mention the cowboy enjoyin'.

Have a great day!


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