Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Me?

Good Mornin'

Well, see, just when ya think the wind'll never quit, here it comes, still and hazy; I'm told there's some fires over in Arizona, up in the mountains, on the New Mexico boarder.

Yesterday, I did get off some, on this notion of discoverin' yer self and it's a large and open question how that all works, but it does remind me of my journey with the horses, over the past years, since I met Ray Hunt. While I am speakin' primarily of the internal journey, I suppose we have covered some good old dirt as well, but I remember when I first met Ray and how attentive I was to everything and anything he did or said, havin' already spent some months with an old friend a his, that started young horses, up in Utah. I'd grown up with horses and knew just enough ta know that most folks didn't really have a clue, but what I'd seen, even with that old friend a Ray's, had definitely got my attention; as if someone was offerin' me the keys to the universe.

Anyway, one thing I noticed and, curiously, dismissed, was that ol' Ray didn't talk much; I guess I just figured he was a crusty old fella and it just wasn't his way. People get all "romantic" about cowboys, but reality is more often, long days, tough conditions and quantities of miles and cows and fences and weather, take the chrome off any old truck.

But, some years later, I noticed how quiet, I'd got when I was workin' horses, and it wasn't just for tired. I'd fallin' into a quiet world of "data sharin'", too fine and too quick for words; maybe why Tom always struggled with 'em and came up with ones like "feel".

I'm inclined to suppose, that that's not only the doorway to a vast new world of horsemanship, but a whole new beginnin' toward knowin' myself, beyond the clunky categories I and others, try to put myself in. Words, sure, have their place, but if they were sufficient, why would creator a made a horse? Or me.

Have a great day!



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  1. Sounds a lot like my dogs and me. I don't need to talk, just need to be in the moment. Seems like when I talk I just mix them up. It is better for them to "read the signs". I am so impressed with your move to horses. Seems like we all have a purpose, it just takes some introspection and a lot of luck to recognize it, huh? Doing rescue puts things into a different perspective on who's important, animals, humans, or what...