Monday, June 13, 2011

Movin' Parts

Good Mornin'

Well, hot, smoky and windy, again. And, more spring cleanin, inspired by an argument with a young rattlesnake; the topic, who lives where and whether that'd be negotiable. I've noticed that the older snakes are more open to reason, havin' been around a while and understandin' that gettin' along is best mixed with a little compromise. This youngster was not so inclined. He wound his way up to the "bar", the bottom shelf of my pantry, a few feet from my coffee table, and announced himself, as if to declare that he liked this spot and everybody else should just find another.

Well, I got the rake, chased him back and forth around the tent a few times, and finally managed to herd him off to the south, some distance from camp. Only, for him to come back, an hour or so, later. Well, by this time I'd had a chance to reflect on the difference 'tween young and old and figured I needed to ramp up my rhetoric. About a quarter mile out in the woods, havin' gently hooked and flipped him thus far, I finally relented the point and waited, see what he thought of my presentation and based on it, which point a the compass struck his fancy. Well, southwest seemed just right and that bein' my repeated suggestion of the past half hour, we let it go at that.

It's funny writin' about my life out here, as it often occurs ta me, I might not wanta be, too truthful; I mean, I can think of any number a folks'd figure, "it's time ta lock him up!". But, I'm afraid, that's always been my nature; a stubborn inclination, understand how things work, really! Not how "joe" thinks they work, or my grandfather thought they worked, or some professor is sure they work, but practical, matter a fact, feet on the earth, me and whatever, face ta face, how; what's it look like, what it feels like and does it work for all parties concerned, long term?

So, maybe I sympathized with that young snake; I sure remember, often with remorse, bein' young and dam sure a "myself". But, otherwise, in my efforts ta understand, I've always looked to my dreams, for hints and clues; havin' some faith in life and how smart life can be, especially when were not so "present" and inclined ta slow it down and twist it. And, so many times, they've proved an amazin' source a inspiration!

So, when I dreamnt, some time ago, a meetin' a huge rattlesnake, like 100 yards long, and there was no fear and he spoke to me kindly, thanked me for not killin' his children and indicated he'd help me in return, with some a my absurdly ambitious endeavors; I kept that, on file, quietly in the back a the office.

Have a great day.


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