Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Things We Think

Good Mornin'

Woke up this mornin' wonderin' about the difference, 'tween what we "think" and what is. I remember a simple little story about a farmer goin' ta see if he could borrow his neigbor's tractor, where his had broke down. On the way he started thinkin' how the other fella was so together and likely thought he, with the broke down tractor, was not so. As he was walkin', he started to get kinda defensive and irritated, upset that, this neighbor he was goin' to see, might harbor such an attitude, when he always did the best he could, even though he did hit some bad luck, now and then. Anyway, more he walked more upset he got. Finally, when he reached the neighbors door and knocked and the neighbor came out, the fella'd been walkin' and thinkin', just hauled off and slugged him, without a word.

I reckin', I'll just leave that right there. Have a great day.


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