Friday, June 24, 2011

The Centipede

Good Mornin'

One of my favorite stories, is one I heard about a centipede, got stuck, 'cause an ant, he met one mornin', asked him which foot he moved first, when he started out.

Kinda, wanta apologize, for the last few posts; a cross 'tween that trip ta Colorado and the mark it left and me, the centipede, thinkin' a little too much about what I'm writin', based on a few well meanin' questions from an ant I met one mornin'.

Otherwise, the crows are about; ravens, I'm told. And, they are a noisy bunch, but, I noticed the snakes are keepin' a much lower profile. And, that's a sympathetic turn of events. Not that I wanta get casual, but it's nice ta consider, that things do balance out, given the chance.

And, now, I'm off ta see the chickens, set them free, speakin' a balance; try ta strike a good one, 'tween the livin' and the writin'.

Have a great day!



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