Friday, June 17, 2011

Life and Lines

Good Mornin'

Well, how's everybody? Just got a note from a friend, mentioning that they'd been readin' this and I gotta say, it's hard ta believe, but a happy concession.

Then, a course, there's my "editor", another old friend, speakin' of patient and lovin' sorts. The only thing I can figure is, if nobody says anything, ther ain't much ta talk about and I guess, that'd be right up there with "wherever ya go there ya'r".
But, I should add, in all fairness to him, I never seem to take his advice, which hopefully, gets him off the hook and allows him to fully enjoy his "honorary editorship".

Otherwise, new dimensions of simplicity, this my hope and aspirarion. It's one a those things, seems ta me, looked at it from a far, like a pond, it might seem like a flat surface; "oh, that's simplicity!". But, ya move up to it and start ta look into it and a whole world opens up. Another one a those things, though, ya really can't approach with yer head; more like a prayer to something, lives on the other side a reason, least as we're apt ta know it. Maybe like horses.


I live in a tent in the woods
It's my affection
Be close, the horse spirits

Winter night
Twenty below
I cower by the wood stove
Nurse hot bowls a beans and rice

They stand watch in the trees
Alone with their breath
Each other and the night

But, early
Naught but the mornin' star
Crunch of snow
Hoof beats
I wake to the thrill a their comin'

Get up! Get up!
Wade into the dawn
And hot butter rum a them selves!

Have a great day!


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