Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Trailer

Good Mornin'

Well, sunny and breezy, again. And, I did wake up kinda slow; long day with the ponies, over at the neighbors.

The baby I needed ta trim was all agreeable and happy for the attention; a pleasant interlude in his breakfast. Fascinated by the funny lookin' fella, me, that likes ta rub on him and pick up his feet; we'd been through the drill, once before. Nibblin on my belt, jacket and rump; bendin', balancin' and when the occasion presents, liftin' my hat off by the brim and givin' it a shake and a fling.

The older, stud horse, well, he'd had some unpleasant episodes with "the go-away wagon", trailer, and the owner asked if I'd work with him, see if we couldn't get around his refusal ta re-consider gettin' in. So, we spent about three hours, with a coffee break, forgettin' about it, mostly, just movin'. I was tryin' to explain to the owner, that it ain't about, knowin' how, or the trailer, for that matter, but, seems ta me, the "what if", of him gettin' in. So, the "key", trust! And, most people figure, "well, sure, he has to trust me". I venture, "nope, he's got ta trust somethin' inside himself; end of the day, he's got ta get in all by himself". We won't ride with him, far as he knows, and, far as he knows, we won't necessarily be there, when and where he get's out. It's really huge, I think. Most folks can't imagine what it'd be like to, essentially, have no say and no guarrantees and still, be o.k. with life.

So, we moved and we looked for free, happy, forward motion. We moved this way and we moved that way. We took some breaks, for rubbin', a look and a sniff on the trailer, but mostly we moved. If the issue was "between the ears", the solution was in the "heart", and motion is the "heart a the horse". When the motion, started comin' round and "what if" was lost to the life a the horse, he climbed in and quietly munched on the hay, the neighbor had put up front. His eyes were bright and clear. I waited and let him turn and come out. We moved some more, then I asked again. He climbed in, then, after a little wait, I got in, see if he'd get nervous. He was fine and I give him a rub. This time I asked, real easy, see if he'd back out. He got the idea, tentative, but rushed, a little nervous, with the step out. So, we moved a little more, loaded, tried again, real slow, lots a lookin' and he backed out slow and steady. We had a good rub. Walked a few figure eights. Another rub. I got a flake a hay for "the horse". He munched in the shade; eyes peaceful, clear and bright. The owner cried.

Some folks consider that horses are dumb. I consider them "heroic" beyond measure.

Have a wonderful day.



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