Friday, June 10, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, change is afoot; always wondered about that sayin', but at least it's still "afoot", what if change got a car, things'd change so fast we'd never keep up.

But, ya, so much to appreciate; so little daylight. Been makin' a point, work with the mustang boys more, since the weather and turf has come around. So, interestin', see 'em change and get used ta the idea a workin' together. Some folks ask me, "you, still, workin' with those mustangs?". And, yes, I know, it's been a while, but I just can't resist, throwin' all the rules out the window and just goin' "slow" and watchin', enjoyin', every little change and experimentin', ever so gently; a little a this, a little a that. I mean, these boys are supposed ta come from one a the oldest pockets a spanish horses in the country, and they're disappearin'. And, this bunch has been, by and large, undisturbed for some hundreds a years. THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL, LIKELY, NEVER PRESENT ITSELF, AGAIN! (And, definitely, not to me!)

I mean, just the notion, sharin' "intent" with a human, do ya understand, what a radical notion that'd be for a horse like that? And, ya, I could "show 'em the hammer" and "getter done", but my mentor, old Tom, the title a his book was "True Unity", willin' communication! And we share(d) a passion for the horse and the amazin' intelligence they possess. And, if we loved, then I am in the happiest of debt, take that love and the best questions I can muster and carry them far as I am able. This is my most impractical pleasure. Kinda like "lonesome dove II", where that one cowboy, goes ta all that trouble, take the dead body a his friend, back ta Texas; unbelievable! Why? 'Cause he promised.

Have a great day!


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