Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resource Allocation

Good Mornin'

Well, cool nights, warm days and still smokey. Just heard on the news, they figure the Arizona fire's like ta keep burnin' 'till the monsoons come; that'd be another month. Then, a course, 'fore they get to the fire, they gotta talk about the politicians; speakin' of "outta control" conflagrations, consumin' resources, and ruinin' the air quality. Now they're talkin' about all these legal battles, try ta overturn some law they just spent two or three years passin'. I wonder if anybody ever considered puttin' a "financial clock" on these folks, keep track a their salaries and how much we're spendin', goin' round in circles, only ta end up back where we started. I keep hearin', we can't afford this and we can't afford that. Well, how about, "can we afford them?". Wasn't it the politicians cut funding for "experimental theatre"?

But, the up side, seein' as we can't afford ta take care of the mentally ill, at least we know where most a them are, which should offer some comfort to the rest of us. Anyway, they've been around since time, I suppose; whatta they say about "the worlds oldest profession", or am I confusin' my topics?

But, I did get a good chuckle yesterday; had ta go revisit the burros across the valley. Their feet had got pretty bad and I did the best I could, last month, try ta get 'em back in the ball park. But, I'd told the owners I'd come back and follow up this month. Well, I give 'em all a go round and then there was "grand pa", the old, and very small, stud; these guys are only two feet high. He's got one really bad foot in the back; almost nothin' can be done. But, there was a little more I could try. Well, I followed him around the pen a few times, waitin' for him ta figure, "o.k., go ahead.", when he stopped, suspectin' I reckin', exactly which foot I had in mind, he relieved himself, right on the foot in question. For "a jack ass", that'd be the proper name, that struck me as a genius and innovative attempt ta steer the situation; speakin' of "resource allocation". Anyway, we worked it out and everyone wandered off, pretty happy, when I turned 'em loose. Two mommas, one grampa and two babies; the babies out front, runnin' and buckin', enjoyin' for all their worth.

Have a great day!


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