Monday, June 27, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, sunny and hot. The breeze has dropped off and they are startin' ta talk about thunderstorms, even if the chances are still, pretty low. But, even the possibility is welcome word.

Still, reelin' some from the horse work, there, saturday. Pushin' through the midday heat, the physical, mental and emotional "give", they take a toll, but I can't think of anything more rewardin', same time. Seein' a fine critter like that stud horse, findin' his heart and crossin' a "scary bridge", seein' his pleasure and satisfaction, the light in his eyes; it's really a gift and inspiration, just ta be there. I can't think of anything, more precious than that encouragement in my life; "yes, I can, rise above!". Just, that; "yes, I can, rise above!".

How could I not love, anyone, give me a gift like that? Two legs, four legs, language, culture, who cares? We share that kinda heart and try, together, all the cards on the table, eye to eye, no promise but the moment and the facts; light happens and both are changed forever? You tell me, how I'm not ta love; deeper than blood, beyond all differences, no time, no space, no circumstance, nothin' gonna change or cancel, what we saw, the bridge we crossed, alone, together.

Have a great day!



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