Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, sunny and cool. Still workin' on the "open space", spring cleanin' project. Which goes hand in hand with the "no corner left behind" project and the "mouse relocation initiative". Ya can't blame the snakes for bein' hungry, and ya can't blame 'em for comin' round, if their lunch is under yer bed. Folks used to talk about "new math", but hard as we might try, even my horses know, two and two, most always, make four.

Woke up this mornin' thinkin' on that question of "bein too honest" and the likelihood of endin' up in the "balmy" house. But, whatever the reason, and most certain, time spent in the woods from tender age, it's just a part a me; respect and consideration a the natural world. And, not accordin' to the books and the folks, look at it through a microscope, far away in some laboratory, but accordin' to me and it, alone and face to face.

It just makes me laugh, those diagrams, show the course a history, when ya consider how long "mankind" has been around relative to the rest a creation and the critters. And, 'less we take the whole planet with us, how long they're like ta be around, long after we're gone; if deaf and hard headed are any indication of "longevity".

So, visitin' with critters and listenin' to their stories, well, maybe it can seem foolish, but, if ya reconsider the "foolish-longevity" equation and consider we've only been here some few seconds compared to the years a "workin' it out", the critters a put in, well, my bones say listen.

Do ya understand the havoc we raise and continue ta raise, every day, on systems refined over millions a years? We can think that little rattlesnake had an attitude, but compared to us humans, man, what a reasonable sort.

So, why shouldn't I listen to them that have, and will, last; those that'd criticize and condemn, aren't showin' any hopeful signs of duration. And, neither would I criticize and condemn; ain't no cause. It all works out, just like it has, just like it will and we are free to choose; deaf and hard headed or, thoughtful and attentive.

Permanence; what a great word. I think it has ta do with shining, like being and "per" that'd be like across, maybe time, in this case. Now, don't that sound good; to shine across time! Like the sun; now there's an old timer that knows about lastin'. And, I just bet, that old sun likes ta listen ta stories. Night time, if ya go out and listen, the stars are all talkin'; it's a fact.

Have a great day!


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