Saturday, June 4, 2011

What are ya sayin'?

Good Mornin'

Bright, sunny and still; I guess the wind died over night and there's a lot less smoke, from the Arizona fires, hangin' in the air. I pushed the envelope, some, yesterday; a strong cup a coffee, afternoon, stead a lunch, try to trim an extra horse and still play with the boys 'fore dark. Woke up kinda foggy but, up.

Got a great picture from a friend, of some horses playin'; email. And I'm still amazed, how I live and work with horses, everyday and still touched by 'em; even a snapshot. I can only suppose it's their authenticity. Imagine, havin' ta put up with people and fences and all the weird ideas us humans come up with and still findin' a way ta be yer self; and even see the good in the human. Now that, is miraculous.

And, that's somethin' that's really impressed me, since I been workin' with horse; how willin' they are ta believe us humans and how little we understand about the "reality" we spin for 'em. I remember headin' out ta check the horses, last summer and passin' this old stump, along the way. A rattlesnake perked up and gave a shake, let me know he was considerin' a homestead. Followin' an abrupt relocation, several yards to the north, the rattle comin' from the south, I turned to appraise the old homesteader and realized how fascinatin', mesmerizin', he was; almost cameleon like. Mossy green, sorta, but decorated in such a way that ya just couldn't be too sure, where he began and the forest floor ended. I tossed a small stick his way and stood up straight, as a question, considerin' that homestead was kinda close to the horse path and he seemed to agree, that further south might be a better option.

So, maybe it's natural, that we all impose a certain "mesmerizin' reality" on our environment and neighbors, but as humans, seems ta me, we have the ability ta consider, exactly what that might be and if it comes from our head or our heart. And, what are the ups and downs, short term and long. That might be somethin' like wisdom. And, if wisdom is a good thing, it probably has somethin' ta do with a well bein'.

Like horses playin'; I think it keeps 'em well, allows 'em ta shake off impositions, natural or un and just get back to their amazin' and spontaneous self.

Have a great day!



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