Monday, July 11, 2011

Los Angeles (cont.)

Good Mornin'

More showers, cool and hazy this mornin'. Accordin' to the news, thunderstorms are linin' up. See, what happens; so, far they been goin' every way but here. Then I can start complainin' 'bout mosquitoes.

"Jesus!". My eyes popped open. Took me a while, figure where I was and remember, how and why I got there, and I few seconds unstack my bones, as they had pretty much lay there all night just the way I left 'em, when I give up. I did get 'em movin', sat up give my face a rub and hustled toward the big oak door I'd come in the night before; out onto the patio, and into the mornin' sun. Ricardo, sensin' my arrival, turned, tippin' his head from the sun, thunder and lightin' in his eyes, "there's a horse in my dam garden!". I didn't exactly know where ta start, but lookin' around, what had appeared a simple meadow last night, now revealed itself a finely manicured "natural landscape", meticulously planned and painstakin'ly executed. And, I could see, ol' Tubby hadn't been to careful; disrespectful piles a poop, here and there, a walkway lattern in pieces at my feet, a broken flower pot on the patio, dirt and remains of some flowers strewn about, some grasses mashed where he'd lay down, some shrubs munched down ta stems. It didn't look good. Ricardo, still starin' at me, now had a look a worry and wonder in his eyes, as my gaze returned ta his; a question as to whether I was even the same fella, he'd met a few years back, the fairly tidy, younger truck driver, he'd encountered there at our friend's in Albuquerque. And, not hard ta figure; a few more years drivin', some heart trouble, a year up in Utah, ridin' in the mountains and the desert, a few tumbles, here and there, bucked off or drug, mis apprehendin' a horse or two. And, now, early mornin', not very fresh, clothes all wrinkled and misarranged, socks half on, maybe a day or two since I shaved or taken a bath, and him, likely, down wind, gettin' the full effect.

Well, all I could do was start apologizin' and consider, where I hadn't spoken ta him directly, 'fore I arrived, we mighta got some crossed wires. Ricardo, neither, too sure, exactly where ta start, just headed for the house; a civilized fella', I guess he figured he might collect himself, freshen up, cool off and try the mornin' again later.

Gotta go to the dentist! Tooth trouble. Pick'er up tomorrow.

Have a Great Day!


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