Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Is It!

Good Mornin'

Well, lots a stirrin', but no water; sometimes unbelievably hot, then overcast, windy, then hot again. Don't think I've ever seen it quite this dry! Grass, not only shut down, it's plumb cooked; keep our fingers crossed.

Went to the tradin' post; gas and dog food, beans and rice. Always takes longer than ya think; gotta stop at the post office, give everyone a proper "hello", then stop at the corner store, really on a straight a way, make sure all's well, get the scoop on the latest fires. Then, a course, gotta keep 'er down around 40, sometimes 45, mph, make sure ya get the whole truck, there and back. But, it's worth it; always feel rich and famous, when the dog can's full and I can look across the tent and see a line a canned beans, a big tub a rice and a fresh bottle a oil.

Otherwise, cleanin' and fencin', haulin' water and hopefully, sneakin' in a go round with the mustang boys 'fore dark. Sometimes, it looks routine, but truthfully, there's no such thing. Always, somethin' there to remind me, "can't step in the same river twice!".

And, for that, I will always be grateful! This is it! Love it or lose it; up to us, no?

Have a great day.


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