Monday, July 4, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, it baked and it blew. It thundered and threatened, but all we got was a sprinkle. "Beats a blank", quoth the cowboy.

It's pretty important, out here, keep yer attitude up; miles a fence, critters needin' feed and water, heat, cold, wind, miles ta any kinda tradin' post, and just one a yerself. So, figurin' "it coulda been worse" and grateful fer any kinda break, can sure make a difference. "Seldom is heard a discouragin' word"; well, there was a reason.

And, takin' time ta say "thanks", somehow or other, gotta play a part. The fuel pump on the ranch truck started ta leak, the other day. A) Gas ain't cheap. B) It's 50 miles round trip to the gas station. C) 100 miles round trip to a parts store. D) It's electric and there's a wire on the bottom, right where it was leakin'. Blowin' up the only truck we got, could be a set back, any way ya look at it; includin' the fact it's tough get anything done when yer dead and, dry as it is, any kinda fire, this time a year, would like ta take the whole county with it and that'd, sure upset the neighbors.

Well, I disconnected the battery and set ta work; not in the best mood, where I'd just got a bath and put on some clean cloths. It was hot and blowin'; sand whipped up with the wind, peltin' my face, blowin' down my shirt and the knats kinda takin' advantage a my inability ta swat. I found the problem; one small screw, holds on the bowl, shook loose and abandonned ship. Had ta take it apart, disconnect and splice the line, so I didn't lose too much gas, and remove the bowl and remainin' screw, see if, by any stroke, I had another similar. Well, it took some diggin' through old boxes of screws and bolts, but son of a gun, there it was! One tiny screw, just the right thread, just the right length. No trip to the station. No trip ta town. I only lost about half a gallon and I didn't blow up the truck or burn down the county. (Or, spend the rest a my life in the burn ward!)

So, I took another bath, Sunday; two in one week. Coulda been worse. And, maybe I don't know exactly who, why or how and maybe, ya can't even say "thank you" for a screw; maybe it was just random chance. But, just in case and for all those "random chances" let me come this far, "thank you"; "thank you". It'd just be foolish, miss a chance, say "thank you"; it feels good and that's oil on old gears.

Have a great day!


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