Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Company

Good Mornin'

If I didn't know better, I'd say there's just a hint a "fall" in the air. Always strikes me how almost like clockwork, ya hit the end of a month and yer bound ta see a change; comin' and goin', winter and summer.

If I could sing a song, I'd sing ya one fer the horses. Don't know exactly why, but I sure love the critters and appreciate their company. Got ta visit with the wild bunch, out on pasture last night; Big, the boss with the sore feet, standin' out in the middle, all by himself. Large handsome, dark horse, almost black, save the hints of gold, on his under side, around his nose; gettin' older, muscle just startin', fall away from his backbone, lips startin' to hang, just a little. He was a high dollar "roper" got run into the ground; sometimes I think he kinda goes into a "zone" forget about his feet. Rubbed on him some; scratch the spots he can't get and the flies do. He come round and noticed the others had wandered off. I gave a whistle and one by one the others come outta the woods. We all bunched up; everybody gettin' a scratch, a rub and a "howdy do". Then, with a blow and a switch a the tail, one by one, everybody went back ta munchin'; together, all well, affection affirmed. Maybe, it's just that they're so happy with so little. Maybe, it's just the way they seem ta appreciate my showin' up. Maybe, the way they stick together. Maybe, the lack of words, everything pretty much on the table; what you see, what you get. Who knows for sure, but I sure appreciate that company.

Have a great day!


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