Friday, July 22, 2011

May the Circle...

Good Mornin'

Well, not to "dis" the weather, but I might move right on to the "daily consideration"; who knows, maybe if I ignore it a little, it'll rain just ta get my attention. Though, I might not put it in the "youngster" category; old man weather, been around way longer than me and does have a whole world ta think about. I'd be more like ta figure, he's doin' the best he can, despite all the mischief us human's are makin'.

Anyway, I was thinkin' I mighta been kinda hard on Ol' John Wayne, yesterday. Afterall, he was one of our ancestor's and grew up in a very different time; never wise ta judge, "'out walkin' a mile", as they say. And, try as we might, we can't really go back and look through their eyes or imagine what the world looked like ta them. And, all the flaws and curious attitudes, our fathers and mothers may a had, like us, they were, likely, doin' the best they could figure.

There's a beautiful line, from Kahlil Gibran, actually speakin' to parents, talks about not tryin' ta understand yer children, "for they were born for tomorrow". But, turn it around, and it works for the children, too! Our parents were born for a yesterday, that we, neither, will fully understand.

Goes on ta say, "but, don't worry, so Creator loves the arrow in flight, so He (She) loves the bow that is strong!". And, one thing I gotta consider, however I might disagree with some a my ancestors, they were strong; put up with stuff, met challenges, we couldn't imagine.

So, includin' all of us, message works, far as I can tell; however we consider each other, past, present or future, we might take a cue from Creator and consider ourselves with Love. It's a kind way a doin' things and wise, seems ta me. Afterall, "what goes around, comes around", sure as sun, and sooner or later, we could all use a little kind consideration.

Funny picture, no; Creator all by his/her self in heaven, bored and lonely, 'cause everybody went ta hell?

Have a great day!


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