Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Desert Blooms

Good Mornin'

Well, pretty good showers; two, one afternoon and one evening. Don't think the ponds are fillin' yet, but the grass has got ta feel better, 'bout comin' back.

Otherwise, quite an amazin' day! Maybe, best summed up by the spectacular sky; speakin' of all connected. Special, on toward evenin'; storms here and there, rainbows everywhere. Sky full of pink mist. Sun comin' through, 'tween storm clouds breakin' up, lightin' up 'em up, silver bottoms and golden crests. Peach and gold, silver and grey, sunbeams and blues, peekin' through, here and there; truly fantastic. And the air fresh and sweet like honeysuckle and sage.

And, all this on top of phone calls from my friends, wantin' ta know if I had everythin' I needed make it to the pow-wow comin' up for my Heart teacher, first week of August. Folks, sendin' me bus tickets, offerin' me a bunk or a ride and one friend callin' me outta the blue, wantin' ta pay me for fixin' their truck, last year when they didn't have any money.

And, 's'if that weren't enough, sold the FIRST copy of my book to a young lady, a student vet from Aberdeen, Scotland, visitin' the neighbors, which wouldn't be so noteworthy, 'cept, my Gramma Hall, she was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.

And, I figure, I'll just leave it right there! Save a foggy recollection of "rainin' and pourin'"; wonder where they came up with a notion like that?

Have a great day!



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