Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yakkety Yak

Good Mornin'

Well, so much for "still", not even nine o'clock and the breezes are stirrin'. Word is we might get some "thunder bumpers" croppin' up, here and there.

Kinda sweet, the conversation, 'tween us and life. Past few days I been feelin' kinda small; readin', hearin' about so many talented people. Last night, I had some kinda dream, with one a those, rare but wonderful, first or second grade teachers, always able ta see the good and promise in a child. She was lookin' at somethin' I wrote, real enthusiastic. I guess I was "six again"; maybe always and forever, in Creator's eyes. But, it sure brightened my outlook, somehow, and that's a welcome turn of events.

Otherwise, haulin' water, feedin' and checkin' critters. Got ta go by the neighbors, see their baby yak, again. He's settlin' in, seems; he's got a young hereford buddy, keep him company and they're sharin' the momma's milk. Kinda neat, havin' a critter from the Himalaya, right here in the neighborhood; so easy ta think of Tibet or Nepal as far away, magical and mysterious. Folks there, likely look at New Mexico and think the same. So, here's a baby yak, come all this way, just ta bring a question, ta me; maybe, it's all magical and mysterious and ordinary, just accordin' ta how much we wanta see. So, God bless the baby yak; all wobbly and curly brown! And, all the children, for that matter; each, in their own way, full a good questions.

Have a great day!


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