Thursday, July 21, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, more showers; still rootin' for the "gully washers". Haulin' water don't take much, but the gas gauge on the ol' ranch truck sure knows "south" if nothin' else. Upside, even the showers, sure cool things off and that's a blessin', sure.

I'm rememberin' the last months of drivin' truck, back when. It'd been some years and it'd been good, if taxin'; it's a simple life, livin' in a truck. Plenty a time ta be nobody; eatin', sleepin' drivin', never seein' or talkin' to anybody for days. But, toward the end, I sure was wishin' for a change; maybe a way, join my heart and my work, in a more meanin' full way. And, I'd have ta say, it's kinda similar these days.

I been workin' horses, trimmin' hooves, tendin' cows out here, some ten years, but sure wishin' I could find a way, spend more time with the horses and steer the whole show ta somethin' larger, somethin' positive. Can't even hardly listen to the news; everybody carryin' on like things ain't serious, quarrellin' over ideas and narrow minded interest. Seems ta me, there are so many real problems could use our full and combined effort, we're really shootin' ourselves in the foot. That fella' "fiddled" while Rome burned, easy point a finger, but sometimes I consider, how easy it can be, not ta get the picture; like one a those dreams, where ya know somethin's wrong and ya wanta help, but, try as ya might, ya just can't move quicker than a crawl.

Upside, back when I was drivin', feelin' that prayer, take a step, there was an answer and my life did take a turn for the better; more meanin' full. So, once again, I got ta trust; feel the longin' and watch for the door. WHEN, (not if) it opens, be ready ta move! That's the way it's always been for me. I try, I feel, I look, I see, but the fulfillment, it's always a gift. Maybe, custom, just for me; save me from delusion, beleivin' "I" did it. Nope, it is a gift, like life, only one got the power ta give it! And, that's one sweet understandin'; ol' John Wayne mighta wanted everybody believe "he was it!", but try as he may have, when life had give him his last breath, "it" or not, weren't nothin' he could do. That's a heavy load and, likely a rude awakenin'.

Anyway, so many kindness, these days, just gotta believe, there's a way and a time; just keep my eye on the door, appreciate the delay, so I appreciate the moment.

Have a great day!



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