Monday, July 25, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, we sure got close; plenty a wind and big black clouds, comin' right at us, outta the northeast. I was rootin' and it was comin', then it just stalled and broke up; couldn't have been more than three-four miles away. Never shoulda roled up the windows on the truck! Did get a sprinkle though. Anyway, unload the hay, put the tank back in the truck, haul another tank out ta the wild bunch.

Life is amazin'! Things we need, Earth special, for things ta grow; all kind a critters, countin' on other critters, water, grass, plants and trees. And, a human; me, you! So far, so many of us, we have the basics; food, water, shelter, etc., but even with the horses, I can see there's a sense of more. Once a horse gets a taste of learnin' , co-operatin' with a human, dancin', it's really plain, they like it and wouldn't mind more, special if they're introduced artful and easy.

With my older horses, been through some hard times, issues with humans "imposin'" stuff with a heavy hand, they might have some reservations, but the young ones, been loose most a their days, they see me comin' and they just line up, waitin' their turn; a visit, a scratch, a little eye ta eye and a sniff. And, they stand and watch, fascinated, if I start ta pick up their feet or rub a soft rope; get 'em accustomed. It sure makes me smile.

So, there's the water, Earth needs, so stuff can grow; trade nutrients and reach for the sun. Then ya start ta get on toward the human and still, there's somethin' wants ta grow; reach for the light, even when our basic needs are met.

Talkin' to a friend a mine, the other day, 'bout lightnin' and groundin' rods; fascinatin' thing! There is a way, groundin' a piece a metal and raisin' it up, attract all that "juice" them storms can make and drawin' it inta the earth. And, I gotta say, sure feelin' that pull in my life, understand and practice that science. Like the Earth might feel a prayer for water and maybe She's got ways of romancin' a storm, that I could feel a prayer in my life, and romance that water and light (nin'); ground myself and draw in that "juice", let's me grow, understand, aspire ta that lovin' and learnin', turns this life from survival to "thrival"! (If that ain't a word, it should be.)

Maybe, it's like a rain dance and drums. Maybe it's like monks in the mountains, chantin'; candles and incense. Maybe, it's like a congregation in a small church, makin' "a joyful noise". But, ya, me too, I want whatever that storm, that power, Creator has ta offer, lift me up; take another step in my life, live the promise of the rainbow. Alive, with light and color; dancin', if only for a moment, cross the face of the Earth. Grateful; no regrets.

Too many, unlikely souls, sang the unlikely song, too many times and too many places, me ta truly consider, "can't be done!". That'd be no more, than one more, fox, given up, tellin' himself, "those grapes were likely sour!".

Have a great day!


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